Empire Theatre 2017 Season Brochure


Dear Empire Theatre Supporters

2017, the 20th year since our reopening, is going to be a Wicked year! The refurbished main Theatre was reopened in June 1997. There were the usual Doubting Thomas unbelievers! It was a very brave decision taken at that time. There were occasions when even the most dedicated Empire- lovers might have had their doubts about the sanity of those wise-heads both inside and outside Council who prevailed when decisions had to be made. They did prevail as they did again in March 1999 when it was decided that a Company, Empire Theatres Pty Ltd, should be created to operate the Theatre on behalf of the city and region. Now we are approaching our 20th year of operation and I suspect there are plenty more years of creative business ahead of us! It will be a wickedly successful year. As our major 2017 in house production we are thrilled to be able to present Wicked. This well-known and highly prestigious musical will showcase the very best of the many events we will be presenting throughout the year. It is going to be a very special season. Our Team has been developing a superb and varied program across the range of theatre types. We are conscious of the breadth of audience interests, the age ranges that must be attracted and the need to keep faith with traditional audiences. As always the Board and I believe success has to measured through the quality and diversity of our programs. We want people to develop and continue a habit of going to their Theatre! We want to provide programs that capitalise upon the excellent facilities available to us in the main auditorium, the Armitage Centre and the various other meeting spaces. The ability to provide appropriate accommodation for business and community functions is as important as providing outstanding on-stage performance facilities. That is vital to our overall venue success. My Board colleagues and I join with our professional staff and Friends in welcoming you all to Your Theatre in this very exciting 20th Anniversary year.


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